Volunteer Support

At times, many of us can feel overwhelmed or isolated by our situation. Our volunteers understand these difficulties and aim to help you through these. The support varies according to each family and may include:

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  • Practical help with the children – playing with them and perhaps taking them out
  • Support at meal times or other busy periods
  • Encouragement to families to spend time together
  • Helping parents enjoy spending time with their children
  • Practical help e.g. helping to fill in forms
  • Supporting a parent to improve organisation in the home
  • Emotional support – spending time with the family, befriending them, providing a listening ear.
  • Helping parents to access other support services such as counselling and child-focused community resources

Professional Parenting Support

We understand that it is stressful being a parent. We provide one-to-one support from a Family Support Worker in the family home or elsewhere and also offer parents the opportunity to join with other parents in a group setting.

triplepFamily Friends follows the ‘Positive Parenting Programme’ (Triple P). This is a research-based approach that helps parents understand how their family works so they can use the things they already think, feel, say and do in new ways. The programme covers the use of effective praise and incentives, setting limits and non-physical strategies for managing misbehaviour and dealing with high-risk situations.

Triple P helps parents:

•    Create a stable, supportive, harmonious family environment
•    Teach children the skills they need to get along with others
•    Deal positively, consistently and decisively with misbehaviour, should it arise
•    Encourage desirable behaviour
•    Develop realistic expectations of their children and themselves
•    Take care of themselves as parents
•    Increase parental confidence
•    Feel supported, not criticised

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