Volunteer Support

Due to Covid-19 we are currently unable to deliver our support to families in the normal way – our volunteers can’t visit families to provide practical and emotional support. Therefore we are offering remote support to families where this is helpful, through telephone and video calls. As part of this support we have created a list of online resources and activities which families can access. You can view the list in the following document:

Family Friends RBWM Free Online Resources copy



At times, many of us can feel overwhelmed or isolated by our situation. Our volunteers understand these difficulties and aim to help you through these. The support varies according to each family and may include:

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  • Practical help with the children – playing with them and perhaps taking them out
  • Support at meal times or other busy periods
  • Encouragement to families to spend time together
  • Helping parents enjoy spending time with their children
  • Practical help e.g. helping to fill in forms
  • Supporting a parent to improve organisation in the home
  • Emotional support – spending time with the family, befriending them, providing a listening ear.
  • Helping parents to access other support services such as counselling and child-focused community resources

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