Meet our Families

Families we help

We’ve supported thousands of families over our 25 plus years and each and everyone is special in their own way. Our wonderful volunteers tailor their support depending on the family’s unique situation. We most often help out with the family’s young children, but our volunteers have a wealth of experience and training to handle a range of situations.

Maybe you’re new to the area and struggling to meet new people? Or perhaps you have young children and need practical support? Or other types of needs, including home management – such as completing paperwork and organising the house – and emotional support. We provide a listening ear. 


Parents’ and children’s feedback is important to us. It lets us know how effective our service has been in supporting them and helps us to make changes so that we are at our most effective.

It is also very important that professionals, such as teachers, health visitors, and social workers, have confidence in the services we offer.

"I am very grateful for the help I received. Mary is a lovely lady, non-judgemental, kind, and approachable. She offered a much-needed listening ear."

- Family supported by Family Friends

"I would not have made it this far, practically or emotionally, without Family Friends support. Nikki was a great volunteer for me and helped me enormously. Without her support, I would be depressed and stuck physically."

- Family supported by Family Friends

"I haven't got words to describe how brilliant they have been ... Michele was always there, and the service Family Friends offers is extremely valuable and helps you do things you just can't manage on your own ... I would recommend Family Friends over any service."

- Family supported by Family Friends