2012 saw the Family Support Worker Service piloting two new projects, collectively known as the ‘Looking Out For Me’ groups.  Both groups run for 6 weeks and are aimed at children between 8 and 12 years old.

The first of the groups is for children who have a parent with a substance misuse issue and the second for children who have a parent with a mental health issue.

The groups share similar goals; to help children have a greater understanding of their parent’s issue, to help them realise they are not alone and that other children also live in similar situations.

Both programmes also cover ‘keep safe’ strategies with the children and seek to ensure the children understand that they are not the cause of their parent’s issue nor are they responsible for making their parent better.  Children have the opportunity to share with one another the realities of living with parents who are battling very serious yet rarely spoken about problems such as alcoholism, depression and bi-polar disorder.  Children in these situations seldom have the opportunity to speak openly about their parent’s difficulties with others who understand.

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Next Looking Out For Me group due to start beginning of November 2015.


Above:This is a visual web of mental health issues and the associated behaviours and feelings as identified by children

Below: A group activiity focused on managing difficult feelings.