So you are interested in raising funds for Family Friends?

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On this page we’ve given you some ideas of simple ways to fundraise for us. If you’d like to give it a go, then please contact us!

Please Donate Today!

How You Can Help Us Raise The Funds We Need

  • Recycle mobiles, printers and other goods.  Many recycling companies pay for these items
  • Take part in a sponsored activities such as runs, walk, skydiving
  • Sponsored suppers – buy one of the supermarkets “meal deals”, invite your friends round and pay what you would have spent at a restaurant
  • Support FF annual events such as Quizzes and Dinner Dances
  • Alert clubs/associations/societies/local faith groups to our work and becoming their charity of the year
  • Donate to us on a monthly/annual basis through standing order. Contact us for our bank details.
  • Leave us a gift in your Will. Make clear it is for ‘Family Friends Charity No 1141145’. Donations to a charity in a Will are exempt from inheritance tax so reducing the tax your estate might otherwise pay.
  • Make your online purchases via Easyfundraising who donate a % of the sale to Family Friends at no additional cost to yourself
  • Hold a sponsored coffee morning
  • Help us organise fund raising events – we always need additional pairs of hands and people with event organising skills

If you have children

  • Have a sponsored mufti day
  • Bake cakes

If you are an employee

  • Ask your employer about giving to Family Friends through ‘Payroll giving’. The scheme is very simple and has excellent tax benefits. It is also known as Give As You Earn or Workplace Giving. Your donation is taken from your pre-tax salary, meaning that part of your donation comes from money that would have otherwise gone to HMRC. If you are paying 20% income tax and you want to give Family Friends £20 per month, your pay is reduced by just £16 and the other £4 comes from the reduced tax on your pay. If you are a 40% taxpayer then you would pay £12 and the other £8 would come from the reduced tax on your pay.
  • Suggest to your boss that Family Friends becomes your company’s Charity of the Year
  • Donate one hour’s pay and encourage your work colleagues to do the same
  • Alert us to Company Matching Schemes
  • Alert us if your employer is Community minded/has a Corporate Social Responsibility policy
  • Promote our fundraising activities to your work colleagues