Family Friends delighted at Ascot bank’s fundraising efforts

Rob Pottinger and Ruth Bowman from TSB with Simon Foy, chair of trustees at Family Friends.

Family Friends was handed a whopping cheque today (11 October 2017) thanks to the excellent efforts of the staff and customers at Ascot’s TSB bank. The charity was delighted to be presented with a total of £380.51 by branch manager Rob Pottinger and colleague Ruth Bowman, who played leading roles in raising the funds. 

Each year TSB Ascot asks the local community to nominate a local charity for the branch to raise money and awareness for. Over the year, staff held various activities including cake sales, guess the number of sweets in the jar, and even, inspired by Family Friends’ mascot Freda, name the hippo!

Simon Foy, Family Friends chairman of trustees, visited the branch to meet staff and pick up the ginormous cheque.

Simon said: “We are really grateful and it’s so great to see how keen and enthusiastic they are about what we do. Thanks so much to TSB. This is a classic example of people in the local community, i.e., staff in the local bank in Ascot, doing things for a local charity. This money is really, really important to us because it comes right from the heart.”

Watch our videos below for more from Simon and Rob.

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