Chair of Trustees to take part in Triathlon

Our Chair of Trustees, Simon Foy, will be amongst thousands of enthusiastic (and some professional!) triathletes taking part in the Windsor Triathlon on Sunday 16th June. As a battle hardened ‘fourth timer’ in the event, Simon will be hoping that the onset of age, and a newly arrived grandson, will not have interfered with his training too much, and he will be able to finish the Olympic Distance event in a reasonable time. He is competing to raise money for Family Friends, a charity that he has always been close to.

Simon said: “I think it is fitting that Family Friends, a small and local charity, finds a place in one of the biggest events in our community. It’s also about people trying to do their best and hold it together under pressure – something we know is what families have to do at times. I hope I can get through it and raise some money for the great work we do.”