Support for Army Families

Army families face a unique set of issues. We aim to provide support to Army families facing difficult times and to build their resilience to face future or ongoing challenges. Our role is to work in partnership with local schools to provide help and support to service families, both children (0-18) and parents, with any difficulties they may be experiencing.

By addressing identified issues and providing appropriate support, it is hoped that we can work together to ensure a positive outcome to families by strengthening links between children, their schools and the local forces community.

Our work includes:

  • Offering Triple P Parenting Courses and One to One Parenting Support
  • One to One Support Sessions with Children
  • One to One Support Sessions with Parent(s)
  • Building a Bridge of Support between a Family and their School
  • Working with the Army Welfare Service and supporting their Community Development Work
  • Linking Families with our Volunteer Service

Family Friends aims to:

  • Provide support to the families of soldiers facing challenges including operational deployments, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, injuries in the course of duties, death and bereavement;
  • Reduce the social isolation which some Army families experience due to the mobility of personnel and families moving to new environments;
  • Build the resilience of Army families’ children who may struggle to cope with mobility and other transitions
  • Enhance the emotional health of Army families where there are particular stresses and threats to their well-being, including before, during and post operational deployments;
  • Improve communications between deployed soldiers and their families;
  • Augment the parenting skills of Army families.